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A company dedicated to driving innovation and disruption in the fields of aerospace, oceanic, and education through the development of cutting-edge technologies.


KVANTUM Technology & Innovation was created with the main goal of providing effective solutions for Space Operations in Brazil and abroad, as well as working in the areas of Ocean Engineering, R&D, and Education. With over 30 years of experience in technological fields such as telecommunications, radar, sonar, deep-water oil exploration, inertial systems projects, launcher vehicles, and satellites, KVANTUM's founder possesses valuable expertise that the company uses to meet the needs of its clients in various technological sectors.

KVANTUM is highly skilled and dedicated to meeting its clients' demands, and its founder's successful cases reflect that. Examples include the development of an acoustic system for positioning equipment on the seabed, the first Brazilian inertial platform in the tetrahedral configuration, the Atmospheric Reentry Satellite (SARA), as well as the Floating Platform (KNATTE) and Academic Rocket (Raven) projects at Luleå University (LTU). One of the highlights was the first launch operation at CLA of a rocket from a foreign private company, planned, managed, and executed by KVANTUM's founder.




Solutions for Launch Operations with a focus on:


  • Licensing with the Brazilian Space Agency;
  • Logistics planning and admission of controlled items;
  • Documentation for Launch Authorization;
  • Flight and Ground Safety Reports for launch operations;
  • Design and implementation of ground infrastructure for space vehicle launch;


Studies and analyses with a focus on:


  • Flight dynamics;
  • Aerodynamics;
  • Structures;
  • Propulsion;
  • GN&C;
  • Mission planning;
  • Trajectory and launcher optimization.



Solutions for Offshore Operations with a focus on:


  • Inertial Navigation;
  • Underwater Acoustics;
  • Control Systems; and
  • Equipment positioning on the seabed.

R&D and Education


Computational and laboratory solutions to support R&D in the space and oceanic areas, focusing on inertial systems, floating platforms, "pocketsat" satellites, rocket engine testing bench, academic rockets, autonomous vehicles, among others.


Regarding the educational part, the solutions mentioned above can be adapted for different levels of education, from elementary school to higher education. For example, a rocket engine testing bench can be used in an elementary school science project to demonstrate basic principles of propulsion. On the other hand, an orbital dynamics simulator can be used in undergraduate aerospace engineering courses to teach advanced concepts of orbital mechanics.



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